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Access to Nutrition and Food When You Need Help

✓ Learn About Immediate Food Assistance
✓ Learn About Food Stamps (SNAP Food Benefits)
✓ Learn About Emergency Help Paying for Food
✓ Learn About Free Nutrition and Food Programs for Seniors 
✓ Learn About the WIC Program for Women, Infants and Children
✓ Learn About Free Nutrition and Food Programs for School-Age Children

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Latest Articles

Apply for Student Aid via the new Mobile FAFSA App

You can apply for student aid with the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid with an app from next spring. Your student aid application process is going mobile and can be done...
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Low-Income Housing for Individuals or Families

Low-income housing is administered in the United States by the federal and state governments and other local agencies to provide subsidized homes for low-income earners. It is normally priced below...
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Federal Pell Grants and How You Can Get One

Federal Pell Grants tend to be awarded to students who are in undergraduate school and who have not earned a professional degree. Many students who are enrolled in a post-baccalaureate...
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Most Popular Benefits


Disaster Unemployment Assistance

If you are unable to go to or call your local SNAP office or don't have access to the internet, you may have another trusted person act as an authorized representative by applying for assistance and being interviewed on your behalf. You must designate the authorized person in writing.


Housing Choice Boucher Program (Section 8)

In most cases, once you submit your Section 8 application, your State agency or local SNAP office will process your application and send you a notice in writing, telling you whether or not you are eligible for benefits within a month.


Food Assistance Program (SNAP)

If you are found eligible for the program, you will receive a notice that tells you how long you will receive benefits for; this is called your certification period. And before your certification period ends, you will receive another notice that says you must recertify to continue receiving SNAP benefits. Your local SNAP office will give you with information about how to recertify.

Featured Articles

USDA Housing and Community Facilities Program

There are federal government and non-profit organizations that are willing to render services in giving assistance for first time home buyer specifically for single mothers. All you need to do is...
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Emergency Gas Vouchers for Qualified Low-Income Families

If you are looking for a place that can provide you free gas vouchers, consider checking with the Salvation Army in your state or area. They are one of the many organizations that may be able to help you...
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Senior Citizen Financial Assistance and Other Benefits

There are programs that would increase the seniors’ capability to live in a decent home and increase the quality of life while giving importance to health. Some of these advantages from...
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