PA Unemployment – Apply and manage your UC benefits

PA Unemployment – Apply and manage your UC benefits

pa unemployment

If you qualify, you will receive money to help you meet expenses while you seek new employment.

Benefit Requests and Account Information

PA Unemployment benefits are programs from the federal government. These benefits function as financial assistance to those individuals who lost their job due to any reason that is not their fault.

However, these programs may be of help to unemployed individuals, and recipients of the program may receive claims from the government, but this is only temporary assistance. 

Meaning, recipients of such benefits should also do their part in finding another job at the earliest possible time.

How Can I Apply for a PA Unemployment Benefit?

There are two best options you can choose from when you plan to apply for a pa unemployment benefit, which is online or by phone. Offices are currently not accepting walk-in applicants due to the pandemic.

Thus, If you plan to apply, just make sure that you have the necessary information needed like social security number, basic information, contact, address, names of previous employers, the duration of previous work, citizenship, and bank account information (for direct deposit).

Who is Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

Aside from being unemployed, some unemployment benefits have more standards for eligible applicants.

If you need an unemployment benefit but are confused if you are qualified, trying for an application is never a bad choice.

You will eventually be notified if your application is approved or not.

Applying for a PA Unemployment Benefit

Due to the high load of transactions done on phone calls, your application might not be well entertained. It is advisable that you apply online for better convenience and to make your application process faster.

Note that when applying online, you should have the necessary information with you, because the site will automatically time out after 15 minutes.

What Will I Do After Applying?

After submitting your application, you might wait for a few working days before the management will inform you if your application has been approved or not. If your application is approved.

The next steps you should do would be:

1. to file and submit for weekly claims;

2. to watch for any important updates about the program;

3. to apply for a direct deposit or debit card (optional), which can help in claiming your benefits more conveniently.

It is a Requisite to Look for a Job

Unemployment benefits are temporary and recipients should look for a new job while under the benefits assistance. Most pa unemployment benefit programs require their recipients to submit documentation of their job search activity to remain eligible for the benefit.

Submitting a Weekly Claim

Once your application for pa unemployment benefits is approved, it is crucial to file and submit a weekly claim to receive your benefits.

You can submit or file a claim either via telephone or online depending on the available services of the state you reside in, but most states recommend filing a claim online since it is faster and more convenient especially now that the pandemic is still ongoing.

Note that if you previously had been assisted by unemployment benefits and stopped filing claims for some reason, you can just reactivate your current claim instead of pursuing a new application. You can sign up for a weekly claim or reactivate your weekly claim.

What is Disability Insurance or DI?

Disability insurance of DI is a federal insurance program wherein its main function is to help California workers in covering their wages while under an illness or injury, either physical, mental, or medical that prevents the recipient from doing their work.

You can be eligible for a DI if you:

• are under an illness or injury,

• have a wage loss due to the disability,

• are currently treated by a physician,

• accomplished and submitted a DI benefits form,

• have earned at least $300 during your base period, and

• are currently employed or looking for work.

What is Paid Family Leave or PFL?

Paid Family Leave is an pa unemployment benefits program that aims to help working individuals by providing benefit payments while under either of the following circumstances:

• Need to take care of a family member suffering from a serious illness/injury;

• Need to take care of a new member of a family (newborn baby); or

• Need to attend a significant event due to the military deployment of a family member.

What is Non-Industrial Disability Insurance or NDI?

Non-Industrial Disability Insurance is an insurance program specifically for state employees who are under an injury or illness and are unable to attend or do their work due to their disability. This program prioritizes employees who are:

• Members of the Public Employees Retirement System or CalPERS;

• Members of the State Teachers’ Retirement System or CalSTRS;

• Employees of the State Legislature who are not members of the civil service; and

• Employees of the California State University.

Some important eligibility requirements are:

• Being a state employee who is not under the assistance of SDI;

• Be unable to work due to disability;

• Have lost wages due to disability; and

• Be under the care of a physician due to disability.

What are Financial Resources?

Financial Resources in this article refers to the federal programs that help assist individuals or families who need help financially.

There are many financial assistance programs from the government that have different lines of focus like food, families, housing, jobs, or essential needs.

Most financial resources or financial programs today are intended for those who are negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Food Assistance: What is it?

These kinds of assistance programs focus on providing eligible individuals or families access to healthy foods and grocery supplies in a more affordable way. Aside from food banks that are available in your area, here are some food assistance programs that you can apply for:

• CalFresh Food Benefits – This helps poor families access food supplies from grocery stores and market stores;

• EBT Cards – This is also called SNAP benefits where a benefits card is issued to the recipients intended to buy or claim food supplies from authorized stores;

• Women, Infants, and Children Food Benefits or (WIC) – This is a food assistance program intended for struggling mothers with their children or babies.

Help for Families: What is it?

These kinds of assistance programs are intended for families who need financial assistance and other essential services.

The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids or more commonly known as CalWORKs is an example of a family assistance program, which primarily aims to help families with children who are badly in need of financial assistance in terms of housing, food, clothing, and other essential needs.

Housing Assistance: What is it?

These kinds of assistance programs are intended for tenants or individuals who are struggling in maintaining a roof above their heads.

If you are a tenant who is having a hard time paying for your rental fees and have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be eligible for the CA COVID-19 rent relief program.

There is also a state law protecting tenants from being evicted until September 30, 2021, so long as the tenant was able to pay 25% of the due from 2020 September until 2021 September, the tenant is negatively impacted by the pandemic, and the tenant has given his/her landlord a signed declaration.

Job Assistance: What is it?

For those individuals who are struggling to find a job, there are available employment-related services that can help and assist you in finding the right job for you. These services are supervised and managed by the Employment Development Department of the EDD. If you want to get started in a more efficient job hunting process, just visit EDD official website and get access to available options and job search tools.

Additional Resources for Essential Needs

Other assistance programs assist individuals and families living in California in terms of the following:

• Necessities;

• Health care services;

• Employment;

• Credit Card Counseling;

• Car insurance; and/or

• Human services.

If you want to know more about programs and services in the state of California, just visit for for COVID-19 related assistance. To search for the right program for you, just search the keyword of the services that you specifically need.

Frequently Asked Questions
In Terms of the Process of the Claim:

Once your application for unemployment benefits is approved, you can receive your claims within a 52-week period which begins on the day you applied for the benefits program. Note that you will receive the maximum amount of your benefits if you file a claim every week. If you want to know more about this information, check your financial determination issued.

Once your online application is approved, you will eventually receive three emails which contain: financial determination, confirmation letter, and the Unemployment Compensation handbook. After receiving these responses, you can then continue to file your weekly claims.

If you just applied for an unemployment benefit and got approved, there will be one year given to you to claim your weekly benefits, this one-year duration is what we call the benefit year. Normally in Delaware, the recipient can file and receive benefits for 26 weeks within the given benefit year.

Thus if you already claimed all your weekly benefits for 26 weeks, then you can no longer file for further claims and wait for the benefit year to end before you can apply for another.

However, there are situations like when you are a part-time worker, or when there’s an ongoing unemployment crisis that programs extend the period when you can file for claims.

In Terms of Claims Payment Receipt

The normal process of claiming an unemployment benefit is that a weekly check is mailed to you along with the weekly pay authorization for the following week.

However, there is no exact and consistent day on which the weekly claim is mailed to you. Thus, it is important to have with you your check stub provided by the program to keep track of your weekly claims and to check if you have a missing claim.

Yes, the Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance allows direct deposit for claiming the recipient’s benefits. This is so long as the financial institution cooperates with the benefits program.

Yes, an online application is available.

In Terms of Notifications and Disputes

Usually, you will receive an eligibility review questionnaire every time you file your claim which is crucial for you to accomplish truthfully.

Other than that you will also receive other emails that you should read and review in case they should be responded to immediately.

If you are disqualified for an unemployment benefit, you will no longer receive your benefits. If you think that you are disqualified for an unjust reason, you can file an appeal.

It is important to file an appeal requesting a hearing within 10 days after your claim was denied. 

In filing an appeal, remember that it is crucial to include your signature and that it should be sent or filed in the UI or UB office. After the issue is addressed you can continue to file for your weekly claims.


To get SNAP benefits, you must apply in the state in which you currently live and you must meet certain requirements, including resource and income limits.

Check Your Eligibility

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Unemployment PA – File for Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment PA – File for Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment PA. Unemployed Pennsylvania residents that have become statistics of the recent economic downturn, have a right to file for unemployment compensation. In the past two years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of unemployed Pennsylvania residents.

This is mainly due to the worldwide downturn in commodity prices and consequently, the number of lay-offs has also drastically increased. As soon as laying off workers to file for unemployment compensation, it helps them find employment quickly, thus helping them break the vicious cycle of unemployment.

unemployment pa

The Program provides unemployment benefits to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

Unemployment Assistance Information
Table of Contents

Know Your Rights When Filing For Unemployment PA

If you are seeking unemployment PA benefits, then you should know that you have certain rights. One of the most important rights is that any employer who deprives an applicant from unemployment compensation for any reason is liable to a suit. 

There are many cases of employers taking advantage of this particular law and not even bothering to extend unemployment benefits when they were laid off. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that if you are seeking unemployment compensation in the state of Pennsylvania, you learn about your rights.

One of the best ways to get employment is through a job placement agency. These agencies are very good at finding work for unemployed PA residents. However, their services are also beneficial to employers because employers can be assured of the fact that the claimants will be provided with the proper unemployment compensation as and when they become eligible for it.

The workers’ compensation board also plays a major role in protecting the rights of claimants. This is why it is recommended that you find out as much as you can about the laws governing this particular law so that you are aware of how to go about filing a claim.

In addition, if you are laid off or disabled and are suffering from long-term medical conditions, then you should be aware that such medical conditions cannot be ruled out during the process of claiming unemployment compensation in the state of Pennsylvania.

Therefore, the first step towards receiving PA benefits is by filing the claim form. When the claims forms are filed, you must ensure that you receive a confirmation about the date you will receive your benefits.

If you are unable to receive any payments for three months or more, then you can file for an additional six month period. If you are still unable to receive any PA benefits, then you must immediately contact a qualified attorney so that they can represent you and fight for you.

The PEO (employer assistance organization) in Pennsylvania is the body that handles all the claims related to the unemployed people’s benefits program.

Are You Eligible For Unemployment PA?

During an ongoing economic downturn, PA residents who have been laid-off or have been forced to take pay cuts may qualify for unemployment compensation benefits. The most common and convenient method of qualifying for unemployment insurance is by submitting an application through the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

Each week, government agencies such as unemployment, can receive applications that were submitted by applicants who are having a hard time finding work or have found temporary or permanent employment that has not been fully explained.

Some of the frequently asked questions involve the types of jobs that have increased in popularity or those that do not exist in the area or region where they are looking for work. The information provided in the form is cross-checked with each other to determine whether or not the applicant qualifies for unemployment benefits.


Another method that is available to claimants who are interested in applying for unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania is through the Department of Labor itself. Applicants can apply for unemployment benefits at any point during the claim process, and there is a small fee associated with filing the paperwork.

Once the application has been submitted and the fee has been paid, claimants will be notified if their claim for benefits has been approved. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor does not discriminate when it comes to race, gender, or age, so all applicants will be considered for eligibility regardless of their past experience. 

There are certain groups of people who are exempt from the application process for pandemic emergency unemployment assistance in Pennsylvania.


Claiming any type of PA disability insurance or benefits is easy once you know where to look. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, it is important that you talk to your doctor to find out whether or not you qualify for benefits under the Pennsylvania Carers Benefit and Pec Carers Act.

This particular coverage pays benefits to former caregivers who have been out of work due to a medical condition. If you fit this particular category, you should visit the Department of Labor for further information on how to apply for and receive this particular benefit.

Department of Labor and Protection's Role in Handling Claims

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Labor and Protection has established the Office of Unemployment PA to administer state-funded unemployment benefits. Among its many responsibilities is to administer unemployment compensation for the state’s residents.

It also administers unemployment benefits for federal employees, children under eighteen (children age eighteen and younger), and individuals who are disabled. The Department of Labor and Protection also manages the state’s unemployment insurance system, insuring payments to eligible claimants based on their earnings and financial needs. Eligible claimants can recover unemployment compensation benefits from the Department of Labor under certain circumstances.


There are two separate but interconnected offices for administering unemployment compensation in PA. One is the Department of Labor and the other the Department of Disability Services. The Department of Labor regulates all matters relating to unemployment compensation and disability claims, while the DSHS provides services to claimants that are disabled or unable to work under the terms of a claim. The two offices coordinate with each other to provide maximum benefits to needy PA residents.


Claims for the most commonly occurring disability categories (e.g., tuberous sclerosis, spinal cord infarction) require the expertise of a doctor with specialized training in the condition. In order to facilitate claims for other eligible disability categories, the Department of Disability Services coordinates with its local office of the Department of Labor and performs all necessary tasks to assist claimants with proving eligibility.

These services include evaluating medical conditions and documenting related symptoms. The agency is also responsible for implementing reasonable accommodations requested by qualified claimants and conducting necessary background checks. If the claimant’s condition requires medical care in a foreign country, the Department of Labor and the Department of Disability Services may be able to arrange for necessary medical treatment in that country.