Different Types of Coupons and Exciting Discounts

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How often do you get lured by online or offline advertisements like Get 84% Off on Groceries’ or FLAT 30% Off on Branded Jeans and Trousers’, highlighted in bold and put forth in an eye-catchy manner? Well, such discounts and other lucrative offers are made possible by brands through coupons.

A coupon is basically a voucher that entitles the holder, in most cases, the shoppers, to get a discount or some other kind of offers on selected products and services from a brand/retail store. Coupons are the best means of saving a few bucks and striking a great deal. So, here is a list of some of the popular types of coupons available out there.

Discount Coupons are the most common types of coupons and they give a percentage off on certain category of products or particular ones. Discount coupons are mostly available for groceries, clothing and home improvement items. Some of the most profitable ones are introduced in the festive seasons or a special weekend to attract as many shoppers as possible.

Discount offers are somewhat straightforward with no such limitations or hidden clauses. As a shopper you just need to check the validity of the coupon because discount offers are usually for a limited period and also take a note of the underlying minimum purchase requirement.

Sign-Up Bonus Coupons

A sign-up bonus coupon is usually made available for a first-time buyer after he/she provides an email address and the basic contact information. The offers through these coupons are small but they give a feeling of familiarity with a website or retail store that you are visiting for the first time. Additionally, you are happy to get some profit in your very first deal/purchase. The only problem with the sign-up bonus coupon is that you are required to provide information and register to get the discount even if you can buy the product without registering. Sign-up bonus coupons are available in sites.

More for Less Coupons

The More for Less coupons give you an offer on products and not necessarily a cash benefit. The offers are typically like “Buy 3 and Get 1 Free” or “4 in the Price of 3” and so on. The use and benefit of this coupon is best realized when you have to buy something that is available in parts and the coupon promises to give one part free with the other. These coupons are also pretty much straightforward so, you can easily avail them without apprehensions about underlying clauses. The more for less coupons are available in coupons sites.

Free Shipping Coupons

Free shipping coupons are extremely popular among online shoppers who love to buy products from different international brands and have them delivered at the doorstep. These coupons, as the name implies, make your purchase free from incurring the additional shipping charges, which often amounts to a hefty sum. As such, with free shipping coupons, you pay the exact price of your item only with the delivery being absolutely free. The only fine line of this type of coupon is that there is a fixed upper limit on which free shipping is available. For instance, Free Shipping on orders above $50’ and so on.

Future Discount Coupons

As the name suggests, this particular type of coupons offer some discounts on a future purchase. So, this coupon is available after a purchase and it speaks of a discount offer that will be available on your next purchase. These are somewhat like Spend $100 and get $20 off on your next purchase’ or Free shipping on your next purchase.’ The future discount coupons might not help you in saving money on your current deal but they promise you something to look forward to when you revisit the website/brand/retail store. The best part about the future discount coupon is that, unlike the other varieties, they last for a few weeks to few months till expiration. Hence, you get a wide timeline during which you can make use of the voucher anytime. These coupons are available in coupon sites.

Coupons are ideal ways of saving money on purchases, be it clothes, groceries or food items. Just make sure getting them from a reliable website or brand and understanding the fine lines in order to be able to make their best-possible use.


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