About Us

For years hunger and famine have been some of the most prevalent issues in society. Also, natural disasters like climate change, hurricanes, and earthquakes added fuel to the fire. The good thing is that there are many organizations that provide food assistance to needy individuals and families, however, only a few can access these types of programs since online resources are still limited.

Our website provides relevant and reliable information on food assistance, grants, and benefits for deserving individuals and families, especially for those recovering from conflict, disasters, and the impact of the pandemic.

With the help of our linkages and network of experts, we ensure that you are getting the most truthful information, through proofreading and fact-checking all articles before publishing.

What We Do

From the start, we have been helping hundreds of individuals and families get easier access to resources that provide food assistance. Specifically, we introduce hundreds of food assistance programs from different food banks, non-profit, and government organizations across the US, so rest assured wherever you are there are available programs you can apply to.

The articles we publish are easy-to-understand and informative so that various kinds of readers can easily understand our content.


We envision a society where there are no children, seniors, and low-income families who skip meals and go to bed hungry. We do this by providing a user-friendly website that consists of all available food assistance programs across different states.


Our primary mission is to eradicate hunger and famine across different states by making access to food assistance programs easier and more convenient.


Our goal is to create a positive impact in the lives of low-income and disaster-stricken families by helping them find resources that will help them rise from poverty, famine, and hunger.

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