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You Can File a Weekly or Biweekly Unemployment Benefits Claims

Updated: February 3, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Recover Your Unpaid Wages

One of the worst nightmares most people experience is losing a job. Sometimes it’s unexpected and normally resulted into anxious, hurt, depression and grief. You are thinking of what future awaits you after what happen while paying bills are starting to file up. Unemployment in the Unites States involves a lot of changes. Since the year 2000 until 2016, U.S. lost about 5 million manufacturing jobs due to recession.

While on the recent data from Bureau of Labor Statistics under the Department of Labor, it shows that the unemployment rate in the country is at 4.7% on the month of February 2017. With these facts, jobless individuals over think on how to survive everyday on their finances and resulted into insanity. But it’s not too late, under the labor policy of the state, the government may provide assistance for those jobless individual as part of their unemployment Benefits. Here are things you should know about these unemployment insurance and how valuable it is.

What is Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment benefits are insurance from the government to help workers in different variety of jobs in the state. The U.S. Department of Labor described this benefit as an aid for those who lost jobs through “no fault of their own”.

It is a relief to individuals who lost job during the crucial times in economy and having a hard time in finding another job to sustain the living. The federal government properly allocated funds for this insurance. In fact, the state of Massachusetts and Montana provided to extend the benefits up to 30 weeks and 28 weeks respectively.

What is the Coverage of the Benefits?

It is a great help aside from your savings to ease up your filing payment while you are unemployed. The benefits assure you to get an amount that you can actually use for your necessities. This money is an offset of your regular paychecks that got sour when the economy hits you and lost a job. Though the amount of money varies from different labor policies of the state and the history of the employment, an unemployed individual may receive 36% of the regular wage.

However, the government provides an extended unemployment benefits for those who are drained in regular unemployment insurance benefits during the midst of high unemployment and workers had a difficulties to cope up the finances even regular jobless insurance is provided.

Based on the Labor policy of the country, the basic extended benefits may provide up to 13 additional weeks of benefits if the economy worsen and high employment takes place in a state. Also, the different states have autonomy to enact the benefits for voluntary program up to additional 7 weeks while the maximum time frame of the additional benefits is up to 20 weeks. Though, Department of Labor clearly stated on the policy that not everyone from the regular benefits may qualify to extended benefits. Excluded for this extension are beneficiaries from Disaster Unemployment Assistance and Trade Re-adjustment allowance. It is the State agency who will advise who are eligible for this extended assistance.

How to Apply to Unemployment Benefits?

First thing you should do is to contact the State Unemployment Division under the Department of Labor to make sure that you are eligible for the federal insurance. There are assigned personnel’s’ who will determine the eligibility of the unemployed workers. You can check trough the sponsored site of U.S. Department of Labor: Employment and Training Administration like Unemployed Benefits Finders to locate the contact number and offices of the Unemployment Division in your State. Another option is applying through online. Through, the official website of the government, there is a section of Unemployment Benefits and Other Help for the Unemployed. You just jump to “Apply for Unemployment Benefits” and follow instructions on the eligibility and claims of the benefits. Different Federal States also provide information on their official website on how to apply on these benefits.

Fill up all the necessary information. Requirements for the benefits may vary from different state but important information that you need to be available are your mailing address, including the zip code, phone number, Social Security Number, information about your previous employer including the address and the contact details, some state requires the last two years of the employer information if necessary, Driver’s license (if any), Veteran/Military Separation Date and mother’s maiden name for security purposes.

You need to appear on your Unemployment Insurance Office when they requested it. Always remember to be on time on your appointments. There are Frequent questions may ask you during the appearance like the reason why you lost your job, whether you want taxes withheld from you claim check or if you have any holiday and vacation pay during your previous jobs.

During you application, you may select an option on how to claim your benefit payments. Unemployed benefits may claim via check, debit card or direct bank deposit. Claims are made weekly or bi weekly depending on your state. Nowadays, most payments are made through debit or direct bank deposit for convenience.

Other Help Unemployment Benefits
Aside from the regular unemployment Benefits, the government also provides:

Educational assistance for any training opportunities and aid for education payment. You just need to visit the for more information about the assistance.

Undergo Self-employment assistance that provides an opportunity to create your own job by starting your own small business. This voluntary program is available in different states under the Department of Labor and encourages unemployed individuals to be independent.

Continuation of the Health Coverage. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is given to the families and individuals the right to choose whether to continue to health coverage provided by the health plan, unemployed is given a 60 days span of time to enroll for the health insurance that will provide at least 18 months of health benefits.

Always remember that aside from taking advantage for all of this unemployment benefits, it is also important to look for a job. There are Job Centers under U.S. Labor Department that offers advice on job seekers regarding on their resume writing and job interviews. You may also contact your local unemployment office on how you can earn through part-time jobs without losing your benefits at the same time. You should not turn down work offers that really fit you. Learn from all your experiences and take it a challenge to pursue your career.


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