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USDA Housing and Community Facilities Program

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Purchasing your own home from your own savings is a challenging one for those low-income families. What is more difficult is that there is only one income that is coming into a home. Single mother plays a crucial task in providing all the necessities of the family will continue paying up the high cost of living in the United States. How can a single mother able to purchase a personal home for her children while securing a hygienic and safer house free from hazard in an inadequate source of income. According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 12 million single parent families in the country in 2016 and more than 80% were led by single mothers.

Home purchasing can be very lush for single mothers, who have limited income, but it’s not the end of hope, there are financial grants and benefits programs allocated for the needy single mothers across the country. There are federal government and non-profit organizations that are willing to render services in giving assistance for first time home buyer specifically for single mothers. All you need to do is find outs what programs are available that suits your need and how to apply with it.


USDA Housing and Community Facilities Program

One of the affordable housing programs of the United States Department of Agriculture for Single Mothers is the HCFP that offers housing options for people with a limited income or families belong to poverty level.

This program is for single mothers living in rural areas that due to the financial deprivation and economic tribulation, there is a lack of finance to purchase a personal home. Under this program, it allocates funds for single family homes, apartments, nursing homes and many other types of housing assistance. For the eligibility requirements, the programs are directly to on-profit groups that will administer the affordable housing project.

Federal Housing Association (FHA)

This federal program delivers many projects and grants that could help single mothers achieve the dream of owning a home for the family. FHA offers grants and loans with a low down payment from 3.5% and could avail the 96.5% mortgage. Single mothers who are interested in this program may avail lower closing costs for purchasing a home and the lowest down payment.

Family Unification Program

Under the Family Unification Programs, it provides a housing Choice Voucher Program to the Public Housing Agencies.

This voucher for housing assistance basically guarantees the single mothers to avail single family house or apartments. This is to ensure a quality of living with the families with a decent home and away from high crime communities. For more information, you may contact your local Public Housing Agency for the application and the requirements

Fannie Mae

This government-sponsored innovation also known as the Federal National Mortgage Association or Fannie Mae started in 1968. It delivers home purchase aid to single mothers that are facing financial emergency. The institutions have different programs that suits to the needs of every individual. A single mother may opt to choose from their numerous foreclosed homes that are available at a very low cost. One of their programs is for homeowners have an access to the Mortgage Help Network. Under this program, it offers a free and a personalize mortgage assistance to single mothers through the housing counseling agency with the supervision of the Housing and Urban Development.

Private Institutions and Charities Grants and Programs for Single Mothers

AmeriDream Inc.

This charitable organization established in 1999 creates opportunities and assistance for many low-income individuals including single mothers. One of objectives is to improve the financial lives of every family that will help to strengthen the economic ventures in the communities. It also provides a broad range of programs that will benefit the single mothers.

Down Payment Program- It offers an aid to afford the required down payment in purchasing a house. This grant under the AmeriDream is a free monetary aid for deserving individuals. Also, single mother can avail different federal subsidize for housing opportunities.

Homebuyer Education Program- It helps single mothers and eligible home buyers the ideas on purchasing a home that is safety for the family. Through their homebuyer education, it prepares the homebuyers the curriculum that will help in considering when buying a home. The course is free of cost and available in online.

CoAbode Single Mothers House Sharing

According to CoAbode Single Mothers Sharing, single-parent families most likely headed by single mothers are considered among the poorest family in the nation. Thus, these families are highly vulnerable in homelessness. CoAbode helps single mothers to find a stable and safe house for the family. Aside from that, it also assists single mothers in taking good care of the children. Under their Single Mother House Sharing, a Single mother must find another Single mother that is willing to live together and split the rent of the house and shared all the burden of daily chores.

Bridge of Hope

The organization offers housing assistance programs for single mother of low-income families. This national religious agency provides eligible single headed families to allocate funds for housing. This is likely to educate the single mothers through the professional staff and social workers. It also offers emotional support and financial budgeting services to ease the worries of single mothers in household budgeting.

Nurturing Networking

This non-profit organization helps single mothers and woman who facing an unplanned pregnancy. Nurturing Network provides different support for single mothers including home assistance, medical services, legal assistance and counseling. It also gives opportunities to all single mothers to find a decent job for her family.

Mercy Housing Organization

Single Mothers who are first time home buyers may find peril in finding an affordable house with a limited finance. However, Mercy Housing Organization that operated across the United States strives to aid the individuals’ especially low-income single mothers in finding quality housing for an affordable cost. The organization believes that providing housing assistance to the single mothers and needy families can create a good effect in invigorating the essence of neighborhood development.


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