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Travel the World to the Fullest and Get Free Flights, Travel Perks...

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Traveling is a very fulfilling experience and there are various ways you can get free flights, travel perks etc so that travel does not put a dent on your budget. You can also get complimentary luxury seat upgrades and even cash in some cases. Don’t let high airline ticket prices daunt you! Dive deep into the world of ethical travel hacking and take advantage of the frequent flier programs and the loyalty programs offered by airlines. Travel the world to the fullest of your heart and purse.

Consolidate your travel miles

If you travel frequently on different airlines, you can then try to narrow down to one or two airlines so that you get frequent flyer miles more consistently according to your travel. In case of foreign flights you can try to opt for airlines which have alliances with your frequent flyer airline so that your foreign travel miles are also accumulated to your account.

Leverage credit card payments

Stop paying cash for your payments. Most airlines also have tie ups and partnerships with major credit card companies and by getting reward points on credit cards you can use them to get free flight tickets on partner airlines. Always pay for your airline tickets with credit cards.

You can also accumulate points by paying electricity bills, even everyday consumer items like shampoo, food etc. Also take care to get credit cards which offer you the flexibility of transferring their reward points into frequent flyer miles.

Free tours during layovers

When you are going on flights with multiple layovers, explore whether the airline provides hotel services for accommodation. For example for a trip from Chicago to Tokyo, many airlines offer free city tours to help reduce the boredom. They also tie up with locals to provide a good experience.

Kids can earn miles too

Most people are not aware that airlines give travel miles to kids also. Children of any age, even babies can sign up for the frequent flyer programs of the airlines. You can register the membership even just the day after, the baby is born and you would be surprised, they can earn elite status by the age of 5. Some airlines offer pooling of family miles also

Engage in partner activities

You can engage in partner activities with the airlines. Best even you can engage your whole family including your children's accounts. This helps in increasing the bonus earnings when you have new promotions.

Hotel reward cards

Book your hotels with plans of reward card and enjoy the luxury stay in budget rates as well as transfer the accumulated miles for a reward airline ticket. You can also use the points for staying in network preferred hotels. American express Starwood preferred guest program is one of the best in which you may get 30000 bonus points as a signup reward and meeting spend of 3K USD in 3 months. These points can be transferred to over 125 different airline partners as well as redeemed for free stay in Starwood properties. Another beauty is you get around of 25 % bonus for any airline transfer which is more than 20000.

Sign up for flight deals websites

There are many online websites who compare as well as promotes particular deals & the same is mailed to you if you join them. The sites not only gives you the best deals but sometime it is providing gift vouchers for getting free flights accommodation etc. It generally happens when u are associated with them and take few deals and write reviews as well as participating in surveys and polls. The flight deal is one of the example for such sites.

Low Fares by mistake

Many airlines publishes low fares unknowingly or some system error. There are specific websites which is continuously monitoring the same and publishing for its users. These sites will also publish good deals from airlines. Few examples for such sites are Secret flying, airfare spot etc.

Airline shopping partners

There are many airlines directly entering to shopping sites as well as partnering with different shopping business experts. The shopping will offer you great deals along with the reward points which can easily redeemed for free flights.Kohlsis one of the good sites like that.

Cruise booking

It’s a very popular nowadays you can book a cruise from an airline site. Despite the mode of transportation you will be rewarded with points which can be added to your free flight aim. United is one example where you can book for united Cruise.

There are many ways for getting free flights, free hotels and cash vouchers on the go. Airline miles , Credit card reward programs , Hotel reward programs and legitimate sites provides you miles or great deals over internet. Stay loyal to your partner airlines and hotel service provider is another best way to encash the miles. You should be care full on the websites where it offers free flights for depositing cash, which is probably a scam. Enjoy the flight deals and free stay, travel safe.


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