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Senior Citizen Financial Assistance and Other Benefits

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Retirement is a crucial stage among working individuals. As a Senior Citizen, there are various troubles on paying utilities and other household commodities while you have fixed income from your social security. Fortunately, there are numerous government benefits available from the federal and from private institutions that would really take good care among elders in the community. These grants and benefits are accessible specifically based on the needs of the elderly.

There are programs that would increase the seniors’ capability to live in a decent home and increase the quality of life while giving importance to health. Some of these advantages from varying sources are instantly granted when you reach 60 or while some at the age of 65. However, many of these benefits are not directly given to the elderly, but to the agencies and non-profit organizations, the federal make sure that these funds will assist the seniors based on their needs and eligibility.


Health is very important to elderly members of the Household. While aging, seniors are prone to some illnesses and sickness that would hindrance their ability and could affect their lives.

Considering that most of the seniors are living in a low-income household and only receiving retirement benefits from social security, sometimes taking good care of health by assuring daily checkups and medicines becomes a lesser value. Through Medicare program, it subsidizes the needs of the seniors by porviding almost $10 per month of the health premiums. Also, it has various programs that not only cover the health insurance of the elderly, but also during times of health emergency and hospitalization. Take note that if you want to find a great cost for the health insurance of your parents and yourselves, you may visit the website of Medicare at to give you sights how this program works.

Social Security

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is one of the best benefits that retirees and seniors received. It is instantly available for elders who work in low-income jobs during their pre-retirement days. The social security is only the source of income of seniors that would be great providers for paying household commodities. You may check their website at

Housing Repair Program for very Low Income Seniors

This housing grant under the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (USDA) are given to those low-income earners senior citizen who needs house repairs and home improvements. It has an objective to insure the hazard free home for the elderly and a house that is accessible for some seniors with disability and mobility concerns. Seniors who are eligible for this grant may receive $7500 maximum amount. You may contact your local USDA office to process the application and to make sure the qualifications that includes:

Having a low income resulting for not having the enough ability to pay for a home repair loan
Must be a 62 years of age and older
Seniors who live in rural communities with an ideal population of 10000 or lower.

Seniors who are eligible for the grant may present their proof of low-income and other documents for further assistance.

Administration on Aging and Nutrition Program

Health is wealth and nutritional foods for elders are very important concern that local health centers and various non-profit organizations consider. Through Aging and Nutrition Program, it provides seniors who aged 60 and above, to have access to adequate nutrition and healthy living. It has a mission to reduce the hunger and promote the health and well-being of elders while providing a healthy and nutritious food. This program can be accessed to different elder care facilities across the State.

Also, seniors who qualified for SSI may also be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to provide foods for the seniors. It may help the household with seniors to ensure the daily needs of older individuals to have access to nutritious foods. It is accessible for all low-income earners including the senior citizen.

Foster Grandparent Program

The federal gives opportunity for all older individuals ages 55 and above to continually active in the community while maintaining their healthy lifestyle and could also help children and younger individuals about the importance of education and values. Senior volunteers will undergo pre service orientation and training for the specific type of service they will handle. The elders could teach children to learn to read and write, provide advices and values to troubled teenagers in the communities and to help children who have been victims of abused or neglected. Foster grandparent may spend from 15-40 hours per week in different locations, including local schools and learning facilities, hospitals and other community centers. The elders also receive accident and liability insurance, free meal and small amount as a payment for low-income and eligible volunteers. You can visit your local administration that directly manages the Foster Grandparent program.

Home and Community Based Supportive Services

The Administration on Aging (AOA) under the authorization of the Section 321 of the Older American Act of 1965, AOA was mandated to provide quality programs and services for the benefits of the older individuals in the community.

The Home and Community Based Supportive Services who was established in the year 1973 provides block grants to different states and territories under the United States to provide a broad range of enable seniors. These programs include the access services, in home Services and community services.

Access Services provide Transportation, case management and information and assistance. Based on the data highlights of the AOA, the HCBS provided almost 25 million rides to doctors’ offices, grocery stores, pharmacies, senior’s centers, meal sites and other critical and emergency situation.

Home Services provide Personal Care, Homemaker and Chore services. Under this program, HCBS provided almost 27 million hours of assistance for seniors who are not able to perform daily chores and activities on their own.

Community Services provides the seniors the access to adult day care and day health services. It delivered over 8 million hours of care for dependent seniors in a supervised and a very protective environment with qualified caregivers.

You may visit the for different federal programs intended for the elders.
Seniors are part of the development of State and through these grants and services it will guarantee that the senior citizen is taking good care.


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