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SNAP Offers Nutrition Assistance to Million Eligible Applicants

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Food insecurity becomes a major concern in the country due to the high increase of poverty incidence that affects millions of individuals living in United States. Based on the U.S. Statistics on Poverty, it clearly shows that on the year 2015, there are 43. 1 million people or 13.5% were in poverty wherein 14.5 million or 20% are children under the age of 18 and below. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) describes that Food insecurity experienced in the States is the lack of stable access of the adequate foods due to the limited money and other resources in a span of a year.

It is true that food insecurity dangers the survival of an individual that may result into physical and psychological imbalance and discomfort. Also, when an individual suffers from food insecurity he could not perform better and could affect the living condition on its community.

The government created several anti-poverty programs that focus on providing assistance especially on addressing the food insecurity in the state. In 2015, Feeding America recorded that there are 59% of the food insecure households participated in there major federal food assistance program. With these three major food assistance's, the SNAP food assistance program is the most important anti-hungry program in the United States.

What is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

SNAP widely helped more than 80 million low-income earners in the State in year 2018 to acquire nutritious and adequate food diet in a distinctive month. On the data of USDA Nutrition and Food Service, closely 70% of the SNAP beneficiaries are families with children and more than of the one-quarter are elderly and differently able individuals living in the households. Truly, aside from the unemployment benefits, the SNAP food assistance program is the most receptive anti-hunger program in the federal state during the midst of economic recession.

How does SNAP work?

SNAP gives appropriate, directed and impermanent advantages to individuals in need with the goal that Americans have access to nutritious sustenance. SNAP reacts rapidly to changes in our populace, developing in light of increments in poverty and unemployment. SNAP is managed by the states, which have impressive carefulness to adjust the program to best address the issues of their constituents.

It is critical for federal that through SNAP no one of Americans will be hungry. Aside from food assistance, a research form the Moody’s analytics shows that for every dollar spent through SNP, 1.7 dollars are added to the state economy. From the Study of USDA, it was found out that for every $1 billion added to SNAP funding, there are about 1,900 and 17,000 jobs created. Through SNAP Program, it helps American to back on their track for a better tomorrow.

Who is Eligible for SNAP?

On the basic policies of SNAP program, the eligibility of the benefits is closely uniform on the different states. Under this program, there are three major criteria to become SNAP beneficiaries:

Three-person in a household should have a gross monthly income of at least or below 130% of the poverty line or it is equivalent to $2,177. Excluded to meet this limit are Households with seniors and members of the families with disabilities.

The monthly net income or income after all deductions that includes the housing cost and child care, must be less than or equal to the poverty line or its equivalent to $20, 100 a year or $ 1, 675 a month for a family of three during the fiscal year of 2016.

All the assets of the Households must be fall below the certain limit in the fiscal year of 2016 which has the limit of $2, 250 in a household without seniors or disable members while the limit for the households with elderly and person with disabilities is $3, 250.

The Food and Nutrition Service works with State offices, sustenance teachers, and neighborhood and religious associations to guarantee that those qualified for nourishment help can settle on educated choices about applying for the program and can get the benefits. FNS additionally works with State accomplices and the retail group to enhance program organization and guarantee program trustworthiness.

How to apply on SNAP Program

SNAP application handles, taking after government rules. In many states, family units apply face to face at the welfare office, however they can likewise mail or fax their applications, and most states have online applications. Candidates must take an interest in a qualification meeting, which can regularly be on the telephone.

To see if you might be eligible for SNPA Program, you can visit the Pre-screening Tool of Food and Nutrition Services Website at for the households in 48 neighboring States and the District of Columbia until September 30, 2017. The agency requires the households to meet the certain assessments regarding on the household resources, income, deductions, employment requirements, immigration eligibility and special rules for elderly and disabled.

For those households who are found qualified for the program will be receiving an electronic benefit transfer card (EBT). This card is loaded with benefits once a month and the household members could use it to purchase foods on the 261,000 authorized retailers across the state.

When the household income dramatically increases, household member should contact the welfare office to report the incidence. There is need also to reapply for SNAP every six to 12 months for most of the families while for elderly and disabled individuals; they could re-apply every 12 to 24 months periodically.


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