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Food Support (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-SNAP)

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Program Overview

The SNAP program is for individual and families with low monthly incomes. Households must meet requirements and supply information/verification about their monthly income. to find out if you'll be eligible for SNAP/Food Stamp, please review the knowledge below. Or, to ascertain if you would possibly qualify for the SNAP program.

How do I apply for SNAP?

You can apply in several ways:
• face to face at any snap registered office, between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Applications are available in the least county offices, and workers are available during working hours to answer any questions on applying for SNAP benefits.
• Online application through ApplyMN
• Print out and complete the Combined form (CAF) and submit.

Are there other food and nutrition programs i'd qualify for?

Below are other programs:

• Women, Infants and youngsters or WIC may be a nutrition education program that gives free supplemental foods which promote food health
• The free or reduced price school lunch program is out there for low income families that meets certain income qualifications. An application for this program are often get through your child's school.
• Commodity Supplemental Food Program or SFP
• Nutrition Program for Seniors or NPS

How long will it take after I apply to understand if I qualify?

It depends on your recent situation. for a few emergency situations, benefits are often issued within 5 working days. In most situations, the county will notify you by mail of a choice within 30 days or 1 month.

If i buy SNAP benefits, what proportion will i buy each month?

It depends on your monthly income, and expenses and therefore the number of individuals within the household. the typical amount is $99 for every person monhtly. The more people in your family, the more benefits they'll get to shop for food.

What foods are eligible for purchase under the SNAP?

SNAP benefits could also be used for foods within the grocery like bread and cereal, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry, and dairy products; others like, seeds and plants which produce food to eat. SNAP benefits might not be used for any nonfood related items, like pet food, soap, paper products, and household supplies; beer, wine, cigarettes, or tobacco; vitamins and medicines; food that you simply are going to be eaten within the store; and hot foods.

How are SNAP benefits received?

SNAP benefits are distributed through a plastic card that appears sort of a credit or atm open-end credit . it's called EBT card or Electronic Benefits Transfer. monthly , the cardboard is filled up with the cash to shop for food at stores that accept SNAP, like grocery stores. the cardboard is swiped and a PIN code number entered. The PIN helps keep benefits safe if the cardboard is stolen or lost. the value of food is deducted from the quantity of cash on the cardboard .

What will I do if my SNAP benefits card is stolen or lost?

Call customer service hotline (24 hours each day , 7 days a week) at 1-888-997-2227 to report your card lost or stolen. Replacement EBT cards can't be obtained directly at the county office and must be mailed. It can take up to five working days to receive your replacement card. A $2.00 card replacement charge are going to be deducted from either your food or cash benefits.

Should I have to use all my Food Stamp money up within the month I receive them?

No; however, if your benefits aren't accessed for a really long period of your time they'll be faraway from your card. If this happens, call your SNAP worker for further assistance.




Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


How do I apply for SNAP?

Are there other food and nutrition programs I might qualify for?

How long will it take after I apply to know if I qualify?

If I get SNAP benefits, how much will I get each month?

What foods are eligible for purchase through the SNAP?

How are SNAP benefits received?

What do I do if my SNAP benefits card is lost or stolen?

Do I have to use all my SNAP money up in the month I receive them?

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