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Refinancing your Home Mortgage at a Lower Interest Rate

Updated: May 6, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: How to Save from Mortgage Payment

The cash amount paid to the home buyer for purchasing a house under specific conditions is called mortgage rebate. On the other hand, the amount can be a Fixed Amount Cash Mortgage Rebate like $2000 or $4000. On top of that, it could also be negative points paid in exchange for the buyer so he or she could accept a higher rate. Lastly, this mortgage rebate can also be in the form of closing costs credit.

To put it simply, negative points or what financial associates call as rebates are just the opposite of positive points. To illustrate, the borrower is buying down the rate with 1 point for a down payment of .25%. Mortgage rebates works just like that where one could actually get paid with 1 point of the loan amount for taking a .25% interest rate increase. That is to say, one point is equal to 1% of the mortgage loan amount. In addition, various rate or point combinations are advertised differently with particular lenders.

Many people could attest that it’s quite impossible to buy a home even without a mortgage. Getting a large amount of money to put down as one lump sum is a privilege reserved for only very few. If you decide to purchase your first home, you should find a home loan perfect for you.

Most mortgages these days have been offered on the basis of repayment, and that means you would have to repay a part of the capital and the interest on a monthly basis. Your mortgage debt will be totally repaid at the end of the term (between 25 and 30 years).

There are some lenders who would allow buyers to have an interest-only mortgage which means that monthly payments will only cover the interest. With this, buyers would need to plan so they can afford to repay the amount they have initially borrowed in full by the end of the term. However, many of the major lenders now have already stopped promoting the interest-only market; while others have constricted their standards which make it hard to get, because of concerns most people have interest-only mortgages without any means of repaying.

The interest-only may be interesting because monthly repayments will be lower compared to a repayment mortgage. However, it’s still best to opt for a repayment loan unless you have a solid plan to pay back the capital. One disadvantage of mortgage is that you will have to carry this huge debt over a long time. Since the mortgage is secured on the property, you should be able to keep up with the mortgage repayments or else, you could lose your home and that is one of its major drawbacks.

The monthly amount being paid may be reasonable, but the total amount to be paid back over the years will be huge. The cost of interest and the fees will also mount up with mortgage in the scene. Apart from that, set up costs will also be there for every new mortgage and these vary significantly. Conveyancing costs will also be incurred, and there will be penalty fees to keep in mind to get out of the mortgage deal early.

Getting a mortgage rebate is actually an uncommon practice in the US. In particular, some forms of mortgage rebate are prohibited in some states while some apply a full ban. Some of the states that disallow mortgage rebate usage are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island. On the other hand, some of the states that apply partial restrictions to mortgage rebates are Oregon, South Dakota and Tennessee. There are also states, just like in Florida, where all forms of mortgage rebate practices are still acknowledged.

Since the year 1955, mortgage rates have already hit their lowest. If you ask some home loan experts, they would say we recommend Quicken Loans on how to take advantage of them; and also this not so widely known Free Government Program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) that have been helping millions of Americans. When you refinance your home at a lower interest rate, you could get a chance to save up to $4,000 a year.

HARP is about to end soon. Good thing though that the Federal Government will be doing their very best to assist as many homeowners as possible. The best time to apply is now because once you’re accepted in the program, you’re in. It’s totally important to take this opportunity to get in this government program if lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and taking some cash out would help you.

The greatest mortgage reduction program in US History has already expired on July 31, 2016 but banks have kept this from the public. Others may still not know about this amazing fact, but Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) is advantageous to millions of Americans. With this in mind, these Americans can reduce their monthly payments by as much as $4,264+ yearly and even eliminate up to 15 years of mortgage payments.

Homeowners may just wish so hard that the banks wouldn’t be too excited to lose all that profit and that you they’d find out about this secret before time runs out. While the banks are thrilled for this program to end, the government is just doing nothing to extend the program and cut mortgage payments. If you want to lower your payments, pay off your mortgage faster, and even take some cash out, it’s really best to act now.


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