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Lost and Unclaimed Child Support waiting to be Claimed

Updated: May 22, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Unclaimed Property

Child support is often ordered to help the custodial parent take care of the child's medical and financial needs. To help custodial parents receive their child support, the US Federal Child Support Enforcement Program was created. This program ensures that court orders for medical and financial support payments get enforced. Since the program's start, it has helped states collect more than $100 billion in owed child support payments. Most of these payments get sent to the custodial parents. It is estimated that there is more than $500 million in unclaimed child support.

This means that thousands of Americans have received child support payments they have yet to claim. Unfortunately, finding and claiming these payments is a difficult task. Because finding your child support payments isn't an easy task, many people don't attempt to claim them. Each year, the number of unclaimed child support payments grow. So, if you think you have uncollected child support, you need to know what you should do to claim your money.

Finding Your Unclaimed Child Support Funds

The Federal Child Support Enforcement Program has a variety of tools in place ensure that parents who avoid paying child support to fulfill their financial duties to their child and the custodial parent. Because of these tools, custodial parents do not have to worry about someone not paying their child support. One tool the enforcement program uses is the ability to garnish income tax refunds. The Federal Income Tax Refund Offset redistributes the delinquent parent's tax refund to cover any child support payments they owe.

Child support is a complex matter. Federal Child Support Enforcement works with the state, and sometimes the county. Even though the federal government oversees child support, local agencies collect and distribute the payments.

Every state has laws regarding how unclaimed child support funds get handled. However, these laws are different from one state to another. In certain states, the money eventually gets to the state's unclaimed property office or the Office of the Treasury. Some states' child support services departments are responsible for unclaimed
child support funds.

You will have to search more than one set of records to find the unclaimed child support payments. To complicate matters more, you might have to look for payments in the state where your child has residency and the state where the child support, or divorce, settlement was finalized.

Many states have online databases of unclaimed child support funds. You can search them using the last name of your child or your last name to find the money owed to you. The government records are vast and hard to search. In some situations, you will need to read through thousands of names to find your unclaimed child support payments.

When you find your unclaimed child support money, you will need to send an official request and documentation that proves your identity to receive the money. In most situations, you will receive your payments from the state in a matter of weeks. Of course, when you receive the money depends on whether or not everything is fine with your request.

How Much in Unclaimed Child Support Do I Have?

Because each state's child support laws are different, there's no way to tell the amount of unclaimed child support you might be owed. There are some cases where an individual receives $30,000 in unclaimed child support payments. However, this does not occur regularly.

The major problem with unclaimed child support is the fact that many states hold on to unclaimed for a limited amount of time. Once the time passes, the state can use the money in any way it wants.

Every state has its laws that state how long they legally must hold on to unclaimed payments. There are also laws that specify how unclaimed child support money gets used. However, states are not required to hold onto your unclaimed child support payments forever. If you believe you have unclaimed child support payments, you need to get started on the process of getting it. It would be unfortunate for you to lose money that your child deserves because of time ran out. To find out how to receive your unclaimed child support, do a web search to find what your state requires you to do. Your child deserves the money to help support their medical and financial needs.


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