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Top 10 High-Paying Jobs that don't Need a Four-Year Degree

Updated: February 17, 2020  |  Posted by:  | Related: Earn Money While Travelling

The economy is fickle. At any time, the already high unemployment rate can increase further. Here are the ten jobs that don't need a four-year degree.

Dental Hygienists

Their annual income average is about $68,000. And the potential for revenue growth is at 109% compared to other related jobs. You don't need a degree. All it takes is some expertise which can be learned under the tutelage of a dentist. Training under an expert is necessary. Practical use is high. Everybody needs their teeth cleaned. And so the potential for income growth increases on demand.

Online Advertising Manager

The income average is at $87,000 per year. The potential income growth is projected at 255%. What that number suggests is the unlimited opportunities to earn using the internet as the platform. This isn't a job that was known decades ago but has grown tremendously in recent years. With 3 billion websites on the planet, who's to say you can't earn a decent living from selling their ads? All that's needed is practice.

Insurance Agents

The income average is $80,000 annually. Most of it can come from commissions from sales. The income growth is pegged at 342% compared to any industry. Insurance agents require a level of expertise that a short training can give. Usually, that involves some time to get to know the different terms and jargon the insurance industry uses. What it takes to earn the big numbers is a wide network of people. If you aren't afraid to talk to strangers, then you'd probably ace this job.

Cosmetologists and Hair Stylists

The annual income average is S40,000. It can potentially grow if you do freelance work. The cosmetic industry is a billion dollar business in America. If you're creative enough to play around with make-up and hair styles, you'd be a sure fit. Make-up artists and hair stylists are in demand by celebrities all over the world. If your talent is good enough, some big cosmetic brands will pay you big money to endorse their products to your clientele! And the potential can grow even more from that point on!

Sales Representatives

The income average is at $60,000 per year. Not all people who make it big in sales have college degrees that teach them how to sell. What the big salespeople know is this: To be good, you just need to be charming enough to influence. You need confidence and be able to command an audience. Sales people have the real talent of talking and convincing. The income potential can grow to $304% percent because of sales commissions. The more people you sell to, the higher your income grows. Being in school will never teach you how to sell effectively. It's hard work and practice that makes you a good at what you do.

Machine Operators

The annual income average is $40,000. The more complicated the machine to operate is, the more expertise is necessary. And that expertise is learned in training and gained through practical knowledge. Many industries will hire you if you have years of operation under your belt. Industries like construction and manufacturing need a lot of people who can operate heavy equipment and specialized machines. With capitalism at its peak, there's sure to be no shortage of machines to operate.


The average annual income is $46,000. If you can draw a straight line without using a ruler, you'd probably make it as an architectural drafter. Drafters are no artists either. They have specialized training to make them draw a very detailed house plan on paper. And that's no easy feat. Drawing parallel lines is easy enough. How about trying to measure each and every line you draw and turning it into a complete building plan? Before computers, all the construction plans were laid out by expert draftsmen. They didn't need a college degree to help them develop that talent. All they needed was training in the field. Years of experience can help you make a name in the industry. So will referrals. So going freelance is recommended as well. The more clients you have, the higher the income potential grows.


A carpenter is an attractive profession for the hands-on worker. If you love working with lumber and building things, then this is a potential option in your case. Also to keep in mind is that nearly one-third of carpenters are freelancers which mean that you can take charge of the amount you make, based on effort and trustworthiness. There are no formal education requirements, however, more abilities and experience will provide you with a better chance for success. Carpenters customarily learn about their vocation using training on the job or apprenticeships which could run for 3 to 4 years. The average income of carpenters greatly fluctuate and can range anywhere from $28000 to $50000 yearly.


Electricians are not required to have a formal degree, but the majority undertake four year apprenticeship programs. This commonly involves 144 hours of classroom work and 2000 hours of experience in the field. Electricians must have to understand in basic mathematics, safety, building codes, blueprints, and also the electrical theory. A licensing exam concerning electrical theory, the National electrical code, and local electronic and building codes is also required. The standard income of an electrician can vary from $34000 to $60000 annually. The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee or the National Electrical Contractors' Association provides apprenticeship courses.

Auto mechanic/technician

Automotive mechanics/technicians are a job market in demand. To maximize your chances of being one, it is recommended that you undergo vocational training through the community college or a trade school. It will help to make your resume more marketable and indicates to your employers you have know-how and expertise in the field. If you have ever taken auto shop classes in high school and enjoyed it, then you should look into automotive work. It is a very hand on and enjoyable career. Obtaining certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) gives you an upper advantage also. Salaries usually range between $24000 to $44000 per year although some automotive technicians possibly get paid more than $56000 on account of proficiency and expertise.


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