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5 Legit Jobs That You Can Earn Money While Travelling

Updated: March 16, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Jobs that don't Need a Four-Year Degree

Are you wondering if traveling and work can go hand in hand?

Absolutely, a spoonful of ambition and little organization and there is nothing that can stop your dreams come true. Its often asked as to how a frequent traveler funds the travel as if its digging some gold mine to fund the ventures or one should have a fortune.

Here are 5 legit jobs that you may consider


Blogging was considered as a pastime but gone are those days. Now blogging could be a full time business if one has the passion for it. Everyone wish to know the tales of a traveler so it helps others plan their trip. As a traveler you are free from location pressure and how and when to work. Through blogging, you will speak out to the world sharing your travel experiences.


You have plenty of opportunities when you are traveling to destinations where people struggle learn English. Communicating in English is a major challenge as for most of the first world countries it does not come naturally. If you have the gift of language, you can transfer it to a job wherever you travel. If you are a native speaker, you don't even need certification. Using internet, connect with people from the place you are traveling and are interested to learn English and make arrangements accordingly. Could there be any other better way to fund your travel?

Travel Photographer

If photography is your obsession, then there is no better profession than photography while traveling. It is now far easier to share the work to the wider world. There is always a hunt for talented photographers. You might love capturing landscapes or a wildlife specialist so show what you have got as a skill and earn money along with living your passion.

Become a tour Guide

Work as a tour guide, give people tours of the places that you know well and have a knowledge about the history of the region. It's a lot of fun and you can be a freelance travel guide.


If you love music and got the skill of having the crowd dance then next DJ gig shouldn't be far away. Look out for places and party destinations where you can perform. Network with club owners and introduce yourself to the people who are passionate about music.

PROS of Earning while Traveling


The obvious benefit of working while traveling is you can work from anywhere. You can work anytime and as a traveler that's the ideal option because you want to be out to explore more about different places.


Unlike full time employment, you can pick any project that you like. You can take different variety of projects and be your own boss.

Work Life Balance

You are not restricted with a routine schedule while you are traveling, you have the freedom of choosing the work and when you want to work.

CONS of Earning while Traveling


Working in isolation could make you feel lonely while traveling.

Internet Issues

One of the frustrating issue while traveling could be access to high speed internet. Consistent internet connection could be hard to find in different parts of the world.

Inconsistent Income

You could be rolling with cash in a given month but could dry up next month. This could be a challenge if you have to support family. There could also be restrictions in terms of finding the opportunity with the right skill that you are good at along with sufficient income.

Working while traveling could be a poisoned chalice. While it seems that working while traveling means spending more time with family and less time working but in real world that may not be the case and could be the other way. With access to internet and laptop, people now fall into the trap of working full time or even more than the regular working hours which defeats the purpose of traveling. So draw a balance and don't let the work to be a burn out.

With little planning and perseverance, you can live your travel dreams and earn enough to sustain. With advanced technology, the world has opened up to many opportunities and earning money on the go is no longer impossible as once thought. There are many more ways once can earn while traveling. So enjoy traveling without have to worry about funding your travel adventures.


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