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12 Free Stuffs you can get from Amazon with Free Shipping

Updated: February 19, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Coupons and Exciting Discounts

Online shopping is what everyone prefers these days. It has its own benefits, most importantly you don't have to roam around and get tired. Moreover, Amazon has been amongst the favourite online shop stores, not just because of it being an online venture, the perks and freebies they provide are one of the reasons people love using Amazon. Here is the list of some of the freebies that make using Amazon an amazing experience.

Free Album

If you are a music lover, this freebie might be the best perk for you. Select low to high range of price and you will find all the free options first. You must be assuming that because it's free you'll get a limited number of albums to choose from but in fact, there is a wide range of genres available. Anything from Christmas music to rock music, you can get them for free.

Free MP3 Sigles

There is a huge list of mp3 singles in the library which can be downloaded for free. A wide range of variety is available here too. On subscription to Amazon Prime, the list gets bigger to choose from.

Cheap Music From New Artists

Amazon editors offer some selected tracks by new artists which they feel are likely to make a big hit. You can get them on Amazon at special discount prices which is much cheaper than the original price. Find these deals under "Artist to watch". Moreover, on becoming an Amazon prime member or while taking its 30-day trial, you can get these tracks absolutely free.

Free Movies and TV Shows

One of the most used and wanted perk offered by Amazon is the Prime video services on Amazon prime. Once you snag a 30-day trial or become a member by paying a monthly subscription, you have the over 40,000 options of Tv shows and movies to watch absolutely free.

Free Kindle Ebooks

Every day a new author pops up in the listings as a freebie so that you can grab on something new to read. Some of the books are free for a limited time and some are permanently free. The authors put up these as free ebooks in hope for customers to buy the next series of the book. Look up for the "Top 100 free e-books" to find tons of various books. Everything from romance novels to cooking recipe book is available in these listings. Set the price range from low to high to find the free books on the top of the list.

Free Kindle Lending Library

This perk is again available for Amazon prime members or those experiencing their 30-day trial. You can borrow one book every month. In the "Kindle owners lending library" there are 800,000 books available to choose from. And you're wrong if you are thinking you'll be choosing from a ton of trash books which are not popular, rather, the library contains more than 100 best seller books. If you're still having a hard time to believe us, go on check for Harry Potter series which is available in full collection.

Borrow a Book from a Friend

This new service is amazing for lending e-books online to a friend. You can share a Kindle ebook for 14 days which has been bought from Amazon with a friend. The one whose borrowing need not have a Kindle, all he/she needs is a "Kindle reading app" which can be downloaded for free. In order to loan your book, visit the product page on Amazon and select the option "loan". You won't be able to read your book until the time it is returned, just like it happens with paper-book lending. Isn't is amazing how Amazon made sharing books so much easier online.

Free Shipping

A box from online shopping waiting outside your house brings so much of excitement. This excitement is no longer there when you have to pay for the expensive shipping prices. Amazon offers an absolutely loved freebie of free shipping. when you are an Amazon prime member you get a two-day delivery which is free from any shipping charges. Even if you are not Amazon prime member, Amazon will still claim no delivery charges if your order sums up to more than $35.

Free Stuff From Points

On using different credit cards on Amazon you can redeem points for rewards. Such as visa cards rewards, American express membership rewards, Citi thank-you rewards, chase ultimate awards etc. And these points allow you to buy anything on
All you have to do is select the option of "payment with points" when you check out. Besides this, you don't have to pay fully from points, in case if you don't have enough points, you can go on paying that portion with cash and rest with the points you have.

Amazon Student Benefits

If you are a student, sign up for Amazon student to enjoy the amazing perks on Amazon specifically available for students. You can start your 6-month trial and then take on the membership with half the price of Amazon prime subscription. The benefits include two days free of charge shipping, tons of tv shows and movies and music will be available for free. All the perks of being a student you can enjoy on Amazon student at half price. Aren't you glad to be a student now?
Another mind blowing benefit that Amazon offers is whenever another student signs up using your link, you get $10 in your account.

Free Photo Storage

Amazon cloud drive has unlimited storage plans for all your pictures, videos, audios or any other files. You can go for a free three-month trial of Amazon cloud drive. It also gives you an option of sharing your photo directly to Facebook, email etc. And in case you are a prime member, you can enjoy unlimited storage for your pictures and 5Gb storage for videos and other files.

They have recently introduced a new feature of "prime photos family vault". Here you can share the unlimited space with five of your family members and all of you will be able to add photos to your own family vault.

Exclusive Discounts

These discounts are exclusively available for Amazon prime members. They get the chance to have access to these time and quantity limited discounts before everyone else.


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