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Five interview mistakes you need to avoid

 ◙  July 8, 2020  |   Posted by:  |  Written by: Ella R.  |  Related: Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

The obvious first step to getting a new job is landing that first interview. However, the interview is where you will need to shine in order to actually snag the job itself. The way you conduct yourself during the interview will mean just as much, if not more, than what is on your resume or in your background.

The interview between yourself and a prospective employer is the place that the company, and the employer, will get to know you. They will use this time to judge your character to conclude whether or not you will be a good fit for the company. While they will, of course, ask questions about your previous jobs and qualifications, an interview is more like a personality check than anything. They will be testing you to find out who you are and what you would be like to work alongside of.

While there are companies that do value your skills more than your personality, you should learn about the things you shouldn’t do during an interview. You don’t want to kill any chance you have with the company right off the bat!

Don’t Show Up Late

It’s not only very rude to show up late to your interview, it will also show that you have poor planning skills. You’ll want to show up to the office about five to ten minutes before your actual appointment time. This shows the interviewers that you are respectful of their time and also reliable. If you are not sure where the office is at, make a practice run to find it beforehand.

Don’t Disregard the Dress Code

You’ll want to dress accordingly for an interview. This means men should wear suits and the equivalent attire should be worn by women. However, if you are coming to the interview right after your current job, let the interviewer know ahead of time. They may tell you that you don’t need to change. You may also throw in a sincere apology when you do get there to remind them that you are just coming from your current job. However, be reasonable about what you wear. Don’t show up in a Power Rangers t-shirt and cut-off shorts. Change into something presentable in a restaurant bathroom along the way if you must.

Don’t Forget to Come Prepared

You don’t want to look like you have no idea of what the company is about or what they do. You should also look for information on the person who is actually conducting the interview if at all possible. You want to be prepared with answers to the questions of why you want to work with the company, and the reasons that you give should always be specific towards the business itself. Know what makes this position appealing to you and communicate that effectively.

Don’t Make Your Interview About Money

The first interview should not be about your salary. Only talk about it if the interviewer questions you first. If they tell you that the current position will pay less than your job now, don’t be afraid to let them know that you would be willing to think about the overall compensation package before you make a decision. If you will not take a pay cut, let them know up front, but again, only if they ask first.

Don’t Forget to Send a Follow-Up Thank-You

Even if you aren’t sure of whether you want the job yet, you’ll want to send your interviewer a thank-you note. While you should do so through the traditional postal service, an email is also OK if that has been your means of communication. You may also use this follow-up as a way to reinforce a point that could help you land the job or to answer a question you may have overlooked during the interview. However, the main point is really just to thank them for their time.

Be Prepared

One of the things you WANT to do before a job interview is to be as prepared as you possibly can. Do your homework on the company and interviewer and plan for any situation. You’ll want to come with a few copies of your resume as well as a sheet of references that you can hand over. If you are nervous, practice with a friend or family member before going to the interview. Get ready to shine! There are jobs that don't require a degree or experience in case you're interested.


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