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Financial Assistance Programs to Pay your Medical Bills

Updated: April 22, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: COBRA Health Coverage

Across the United States, many individuals still struggle on their daily expenses. Low-income families focused on providing basic necessities like nutritious food and proper shelter for a growing household. In this case, Basic healthcare becomes a very expensive need that has been in the limelight of long debate. Though, there is government health service like Medicare and Medicaid, there are circumstances that these health services are not enough to cover the high cost of hospitalization and medication in state hospitals. As a result, many individuals find it so difficult to cope up the health condition of a family member. Hence, there are federal grants for individuals who are struggling to pay higher health expenses in the hospital. Also, there are charities and private institutions that offer medical assistance in the form of health grants for qualified one including household with low-income.

One of the tested health and medical services delivered by the State government is the Medicaid. This program is for individuals and household who are categorized as Low-income earners and have limited resources to repay for their health insurance. Under this program that are handled by the federal level by each State throughout the Country. It guarantees to establish its own standards and qualifications. It regulates the entire services including the amount and the duration of health assistance.

It also manages the Medicaid program for inpatient hospital services, outpatient, prenatal care for pregnant women, childcare like vaccines, physician services, reproductive and family planning and others. Though the program really works in several states and individuals, but still the government allocates other Federal Health Grants to assist medical expenses.

United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) health Grants

The HHS is one of the agencies of the government that is vital in providing health grants for deserving individuals. Under this department, it directs the delivery of the federal grants for the development of public health services. According to HHS, it has almost 300 grants and programs that is awarded yearly for about 75,000 grants that majority benefits the low-income individuals and non-profit organizations the promote well-being and sustainable public service that includes the successful health plans.

Under this HHS grant funding, it serves individuals across the , including the younger generation, children, elderly and groups that needs the following health assistance:

A temporary medical assistance for needy families by providing the payment for various medical expenses
Financial support to senior citizen for transportation and other elderly health services and other related cost.
It provides free grants to cover the Medicare and Medicaid costs for senior citizen, indigent and eligible low-income household.

It offers medical assistance for children who suffered chronic illnesses by covering the medical expenses and hospitalization.

You can find list of grants provided by the federal state. You may also visit the and fill out the online forms in the site where you must answer certain queries like what types of benefits you need, your home address, your age, income and household details.

HealthWell described underinsured patients that are individuals who have private and public health insurance like Medicare and Medicaid, but still have lots of difficulties paying their medical expenses. Thus, a data from the HealthWell reveals that there are about 29,000 million Americans, or more than of 10% of the nation’s populace cannot afford a health insurance that can cover all the vital treatments for chronic and life altering illnesses and conditions. This fact rapidly increases due to the limited access of health insurance.


HealthWell foundations based their patient qualification on the individual’s medical, financial and insurance situation.

The foundation fund diagnosis and indication that are medically covered based on their diseases and medication listing. It has also physicians and medical practitioners who will verify your diagnosis.

An individual who wants to apply for medical assistance must have any forms of health insurance that may cover the part of the expenses during the treatment. Take note that Heath Savings Accounts and Health Retirement Accounts are not part of the traditional insurance provided by the state. Thus, applicants with these insurances are considered on a case by case basis. Also, individuals with Drug discounts cards are not qualify as form of health insurance. Basically HealthWell helps individuals who have low-income based on the federal poverty level. Also, the foundation takes considerations of the household size and the cost of living in a particular community or state.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

This charitable organization was founded in 1999 and provided medical assistance and grants for deserving children who have illnesses to have access to any form health-related services that are not covered by the family commercial health insurance. According to UHCCF, eligible families may receive the amount of $5000 annually per child.

The foundation has specific criteria to be eligible for the medical grants. Including to this is the proof of income of families and the commercial insurance covered. You may check the site at Applicants may apply through their online site and may receive their medical grant after one month.

There are also charitable foundations that focused on life-threatening diseases like Cancer. Some of these organizations provide medical grants for cancer treatments and other medical costs.

Elsa U. Pardee Foundation

For over 60 years, the foundation supports individuals who are undergoing cancer treatment. Since 1951, the Pardee Foundation was able to award $34 million grants for thousands of cancer patients that undergo treatment and medical support.

Lance Armstrong Foundation

It is also known as Livestrong Foundation that commits help cancer patients and survivors. It has different funding sources and support health related services for cancer patients and its affected families.

Private Health Grants

Struggling people who experience hell in paying medical cost lose hope when governments refuse to pay all the expenses, but you must realize that even there re limited offers from the federal states still, there are many foundations that honestly extend health services for eligible individuals.


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