Federal Rental Assistance for Qualified Low-Income Families

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For many years, many Americans are struggling to pay their own rent. There are low-income earners who devoted their time and efforts to accumulate sufficient amount to pay their housing rent but, as the economic becomes worse and many individuals still peril in paying all the expensive cost of commodities at home. Federal agency like Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) created a federal assistance that could help the Americans to pay their rent in a less costly amount. These programs are effective in rural and urban cities with low-income individuals. According to HUD, each year, there are about one million Americans receive rental assistance.

With the help of the HUD together with the local housing authorities and non-government institution it served the constituents by managing the public housing facilities and administers the federal assistance programs. From the HUD analysis data, American Housing Survey finds out that there are about 12.4 million low-income renter households who paid their housing units in a very unaffordable cost and did not receive any housing assistance from any sources including from the federal government. Thus, HUD assumed that this fact must translate into a program that will benefit the low-income renters.

HUD typically awards the rental housing assistance for the qualified low-income families and households. Also, seniors and persons with disabilities and special needs are eligible to be part of the federal housing program.

Qualified applicants who want to live in housing facilities ranges in different size, type, living from a single family home to high-rise apartment in the region are available under the rental housing programs. Overall, HUD believes that nearly 5 million eligible low-income families are suitable for the assistance program that will help the families and the communities to create economic opportunities and revitalizations of the locality for a more developed and economic freedom.

There are three major programs under the HUD rental housing programs:

Public Housing Program

Low-income households who are living in HUD-supported public housing in rural areas could receive rent assistance. Through the federal aid from the HUD and local housing agencies, the department provides funds to use by the local housing agency to create low-cost rental units that are easily available for the eligible low-income households. Unlike renting from a private landlord, the local housing authorities will help you to settle on the cost if the rental payment. According to the HUD guidelines, the payment also based fro the number size of your family or household. Thus, your rental payment may be at least $25 or at the maximum of 30% of your monthly income. As of the date, there are about 1.2 million households who opt to live in public housing units’ administered by 3,300 Housing authorities who are benefit under the public housing rental assistance of HUD.

Eligibility of the applicants is based on the PHA guidelines:

Low-income families based on annual gross income where HUD sets the lower income limits at 80% and very low income limits at 50% of the median income for the county or metropolitan location in which you choose to live.
Eligible Seniors and persons with disability/family
U.S. Citizenship or eligible immigration status.

If the HA, founds that you are eligible, a checking on references follows to ensure that households will be a good tenants. Take note that HA has the power to deny the admission to any applicants that have a harmful habits and practices that may be create a negative impact to the tenants and public housing communities.

If you are interested to apply in public housing, you may contact your local housing authorities or the HUD Field office located in your area.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Housing Choice program or the section 8 housings is a vital federal program under the HUD that provides assistance to very-low income families, seniors and disabled individuals to live in a quality of life in a decent, safe and sanitary home. Under the rental assistance, the government aids to help the eligible families to find their personal home whether is a single-family homes, townhouse and apartments. Same with the public housing, the program is administered by local public housing authorities. These local housing agencies will received the allocated funds from the HUD and will manage the voucher program.

A household who are eligible for the housing voucher must find a suitable housing unit and ensure that the landlord or the owner agreed to rent under the housing Choice Voucher program. The program requires that the rental units must meet the minimum standards of health and safety as guided by the local housing agency. In terms of the rental payment, the housing subsidy is pay directly to the private landlord by the PHA. On the part of the family, it will pay the differences between the actual rents charged by the landlord and subsidized amount from the PHA.

Verification will follow with other local agencies, employer and bank. The process will determine the eligibility of the applicants and how much is the amount of the housing assistance payment. Once you are qualified, the PHA will put your name under the waiting list unless the housing assistance is urgently needed. PHA will contact you and will issue a housing Voucher.

Transforming Rental Assistance

Transforming Rental Assistance was proposed on 2010, under the HUD, this proposed legislation worth $350 million aims to allow greater flexibility for the public and assisting housing assistance and affordable rental housing, It augment housing choice for the residents and the increase of the share of the HUD-assisted households who are living in lower-poverty communities and the modernization of the HUD rental assistance programs.


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