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Emergency Gas Vouchers for Qualified Low-Income Families

Updated: January 24, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Emergency Financial Assistance

If you are looking for a place that can provide you free gas vouchers, consider checking with the Salvation Army in your state or area. They are one of the many organizations that may be able to help you obtain a free gas money, as long as you are qualified and have an emergency situation. The funding for these vouchers is limited and free gas vouchers are only distributed to a certain amount of people. The Salvation Army may also provide other transportation assistance to those in need, such as tokens for public transportation, bus passes or money for car repairs.

The Salvation Army is a well-known non-profit charity that offers assistance to both families and individuals regardless of their age, sex, religion or background. However, priority is given to those who are low-income, have children, are disadvantaged or are senior citizens. The majority of the assistance that they offer is for those who are in emergency situations, which includes the gas vouchers they provide.

The organization also offers financial assistance in other ways and can provide counseling services and long-term case management for those who still need help.

Free gas vouchers are offered by almost every Salvation Army center but only a small amount of men and women who apply for them will actually receive the help. This is due to a few reasons. First, funding for the vouchers comes from the government and is limited. This limits the number of vouchers each location receives and can give out. Second, many people apply for the vouchers every month.

Consideration is given more to those who need gas to get to a job interview, medical appointment, job training program, or to their place of employment. Hopeful applicants should also call their local Salvation Army center to ask if they have vouchers at their location and to get more information before physically traveling to the building.

Those who do need transportation or gasoline assistance will need to formally apply for the assistance in person. This will require a face-to-face visit with a Salvation Army case manager to go over the necessary documents. Applicants will need to bring in proof of the crisis situation they are in, such as supporting documents. They will also need to provide current copies of all household expenses and pay stubs. They will be asked to show the reason they need emergency gas vouchers or other transportation assistance.

How to Apply Today for Gas Vouchers

Gas vouchers and other transportation assistance are given on a limited basis. Those who need emergency assistance are given top priority. The main recipients of gas vouchers are those who are income qualified and need gas to get to their job, school, doctor or job-training. These programs are also usually only given to those in need on a one-time only basis. This is to prevent people from abusing the system and receiving help every month, which could prevent others who need it more from getting assistance.

To find assistance for gasoline vouchers, you can search online with keywords such as free gas vouchers, bus passes, assistance programs and other similar terms. Search by county to find locations near you.

The Salvation Army may also assist those in need with other travel arrangements. This could include bus passes or free vouchers for other forms of transportation. These vouchers are often given for very specific circumstances, such as in the event of a family member’s death or to get a child reunited with his parents. There are other forms of help, such as cash for car repairs, but this assistance is rare and harder to obtain.

Salvation Army centers are found in every state. Most major cities and even some smaller towns have a local center. Many Salvation Army branches give out free gasoline vouchers as part of a program known as Emergency Family Services. However, these centers are not the only options available for assistance.

Many churches, government programs and charities offer help to low income families. But resources for many of these programs are limited and not every organization or location offers free gas vouchers. It’s best to call ahead before making an appointment to see just what kind of assistance is offered.


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