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Emergency Financial Assistance with Bills & Other Resources

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Every Individual needs a home and every house should be a hazard-free and comfortable for all the members of the family. A decent home for everyone is required to sustain a quality of life that everyone needs. But, the fact still remains that many of the individuals in the United States have a difficulty to provide a hazard-free homes due to lack of finances. Yes! Home improvement financing is a vital need to keep your house free from risk. Natural disasters are inevitable and its destruction is a peril for all individuals living in a community. Thus, low-income earners are highly affected with these situations. However, the federal government and other private institutions allocate funds for helping affected individuals to ease the worries of house repair and improvements.

Government Grants

Every year, federal distributes funds from congressional allocations and other sources to allocate home repair programs under different state departments and local states. If you want to repair, renovate, secured all the house damages and improve your house, then the government repair programs will answer all your worries.

U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development

This U.S. Federal department is steadfast to render a housing assistance program particular to low-income families who are under the U.S. Poverty level. Each year, it allocates $1 billion grants to the eligible financial challenge households to guarantee a hazard-free environment in the communities.

Aside from providing Housing Grants to eligible individuals, HUD deals to deliver grants assistance to all low-income individuals that need home repair. The funds from the department are allocated to every state government and other charities and non-government organizations that offers grants for home renovation in their particular area. HUD home repair assistance grants include:

Neighborhood and Small Cities Stabilization Program- Under this grant, it aids the local government to purchase abandoned and foreclosed home in the communities and redevelop these houses to alleviate the neighborhood home living while it curtails the declining home values in the area.

Thus, properties that have been placed as foreclose and abandoned will be under the rehabilitation program and will establish an effective financing mechanism for all low-income and moderate home buyers.

Disaster Recovery Assistance- It offers help to individuals, small-business owners, farms and non-profit organizations to cover the cost of emergency expenses of home and property rehabilitations following a natural disaster that jeopardize the essential properties in the communities.

Community Block Development Grants – Under the Entitlement Program of CBDG it offers an annual grant to eligible cities and counties through a formula basis. It has a mission to help communities to improve feasible urban communities by delivering a decent home and suitable living condition and escalating economic opportunities to all low-income and moderate income earners in respected states.

Section 108 loan Guarantee Program- it provides communities through the local government the finance of delivering housing rehabilitations and other physical infrastructure developments that increase the chance of community resiliency against natural disaster. It is a potent investment tool for the families who are admitted to the housing Choice Voucher Program (section 8).

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

USDA offers grants and assistance to qualified low-income homeowners and elderly individuals to improve home and to guarantee a healthy and safe houses in eligible areas. There are several housing programs under USDA that can fit specifically to the needs of the beneficiaries. These programs include:

Mutual Self-Helping Housing program- This particular program is a great relief to low-income families that have worries in high cost of home repairs. With this fund, it assists the individuals the cost of repairing the house floors, electrical wiring, ceiling and other home repairs including the waste disposal systems. The grant covers the cost of the materials and the construction labor. It also provides aid to the help the families in installing heating systems and removing all the health hazard condition in the house.

Housing Preservation grants- This program is for the communities and families in the tribal and rural areas. As stated in the HPG benefit to promise zone, it assists very low and low-income rural individuals to repair and rehabilitate personal and rental housing occupied by low-income homeowners. The grantee can receive average grants between the amount of $25,000 and $50,000.

Single Family Housing Repair loans and Grants – Qualified homeowners who need to improve their homes to assure safe living may apply for this program. The grantee may able to receive up to $7,500 for house repairs while qualified individuals to loan could get up to $20,000. Hence, senior citizen aged 62 and older may be eligible for loans and grants and may receive up to $27,000. On the Direct Single Family Housing Loans and Grants Field Office Handbook, this grant is authorized and regulated under the Housing Act of 1949 as amended at 7 CFR, Part of 3550 and the House Bill 1-3550.

High Energy Cost Grant Program It provides grants for residential homeowners and local government in rural areas to encourage renewable energy and energy efficiency services. This program includes the window replacement in elected and eligible applicants’ houses who’s interested to improve home living while considering the energy efficiency. You can contact your local state for this program.

Weatherization Assistance Program- under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) the WAP provides window replacement and home improvement grants for effective energy efficiency. The grant guarantees to help low-income families struggling to finance to replace their home windows. Interested applicants may visit their local state weatherization agency for window replacement funds.

Non-government grants

Aside from the federal government, there are several private institutions and charities that offer loans and grants for deserving families to provide home assistance program. Some of these non-profit organizations are:

Habitat for Humanity- it is a wide known home building NGO across the country that offers home repair grants for very-low income individuals. It also offers community voluntary groups that help rebuilding houses for homeless individuals.


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