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Comparison and Benefits of Top Credit Cards

Updated: March 9, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Money Belief

There are economic crises everywhere making saving out of our earnings difficult. The economic status is critical in such a way that almost all of what we earn ends up being exhausted in paying for our expenses. However, if you can pay your bills without carrying with you balances and you usually make it in time, you can be able to save by use of cashback credit card. There are many financial institutions which offer a broad range of cashback credit card which gives an opportunity to save from paying your bills by earning cash rewards or cash back bonuses. The bonuses and rewards are earned upon purchase using the card, and some institutions offer up to 5% on the daily purchases. For 5% daily cash back it means that from the total amount you spend in drugstores, groceries, gasoline stations, supermarkets, and other shopping stations you make purchases daily using your card you will save 5% of it. From the many cashback credit cards available you need to make a choice which is the best, for that reason in this post we will make your work easy by sampling out for you the five best ones to enhance your choice.

Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card is preferred for daily purchases such as households and other expenses such car fueling which requires regular attention. The cards allow you to earn back 1% of the cash when you buy with another additional 1% from the amount due for purchases, thus giving a double cash back on every purchase. The Citi Double Cash Card is an excellent choice for bonuses on purchases in your local country, whereas with foreign spending it has 3% transaction fee.


• Offers members high rewards and bonuses rates – a double cash back with 1% on every purchase and 1% on every payoff for those purchases.
• Unlike other options available, this card has $0 annual fee thus the better option for bonuses on local purchases without any extra expenses.
• For the first 18 months, the card offers the cardholders an Intro APR of 0% on Balance transfers with a variable APR depending on your creditworthiness of between 14.49% and 24.49%.
• It also has a simple structure of rewards.
• Free FICO score
• Offers the cardholders a simple redemption process as they can do it as a gift card, a statement credit, or a check by email,

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire is another cashback credit card option for the foreign travelers to earn from their travel spending. The card is not attached to any specific airline instead it can be used with any available and convenient for you. It has a variable APR of between 16.99% and 23.99% and a variable cash advance APR of 25.99%.


• Cash Sapphire Preferred Card allows holders to earn from their foreign traveling spending
It offers an initial bonus of 50,000 points equivalent to $625 on $4,000 spent within the 3 months of card acquisition as compared to $400 on $3,000 offered by the others

• Have no foreign transaction fees
• No travel restrictions
• The card offers holders with 2 points on every $1 spent on travel and dining and 1 point on every $1 spent on other expenses.
• Its rewards are simple and flexible as compared to other foreign travel cards

Discover it

The card is 100% America based on the cash back earning for residents wishing to spend at local and at foreign shopping places.


• It offers $150 bonus on $300 spent during the first year of subscription.
• Cardholders are entitled to 5% rotational bonus categories.
• Has no annual fee.
• Rewards earned cash redeemable at any time without limits.
• Optimizing cash back for cardholders​.

Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom card is a periodic cash back card which allows cardholders to redeem their bonuses every quarter after the acquisition. During every quarter of shopping using the Chase Freedom Card, cardholders are entitled to 5% cash back, but failure to opt in you won’t get the cash back.


• It offers a bonus of $150 on $500 spent on purchases within 3 months after card acquisition.
• The cardholder can earn 5% cash back on combined purchases of $1,500 during each quarter after activation.
• There is an automatic 1% cash back earning on all other expenses.
• 5% cash back earning on new categories after each quarter.
• No limit on cash back redemption.
• No annual fee required.

Blue Cash Preferred Card

The card is provided by American Express, and it is the best cashback credit card earning option on purchases in American supermarkets.


• It offers a bonus of $200 inform of statement credit on $1,000 spend within 3 months of acquisition.
• The cards allow you to earn 6% cash back on total spending at American supermarkets
• Has a low Into APR as compared to other shopping cards. O% for first 12 months and 13.99%-24.99% after that Offers 3% cash back earning at selected US stores and gas stations with 1% on other expenses.
• Acceptable in many shopping centers than any other shopping card.
• Bonuses and rewards are received in dollars and can be converted into gift cards, statement credits, or merchandise.

NOTE: When selecting a cash back credit card take into consideration the annual fee required and moreover, choose a credit card which offers higher rewards and bonus rates on everyday purchases which you make more. Also, there are other things which you should try to avoid when getting a credit card; some of them include;

• Cash advances offered by institutions,
• Customized store purchase cards for specific stores,
• Cards from local banks, and
• Attractive sweet deals such special insurance offers.


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