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Charity Cars Program for Qualified Low-Income Families

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Owning a car becomes a necessary when you are working. It is indeed an essential need for the most working families in the country. Not owning a reliable and safe mode of transportation in daily basis is an issue for struggling American families in providing child care, jobs, groceries, appointments, emergency situation and may other errands that require fast responds. A data from the American Census Bureau shows that 9.1% American Households didn’t have a car which majority belongs to low-income households. Though it is vital, low-income individuals prefers to allocate their income in paying their residence rent. Yet, purchasing and keeping a reliable vehicle is uptight to low-income families. However, there are charities and private institutions and even the federal government that offer assistance for those eligible households to own a vehicle for free at a fair term.

Automobiles for Disabled Veterans and Service Members

It is true that there are no current federal programs that grant to purchase a vehicle for low-income families. The department will recompense the other needs for automobile equipment including the adaptive equipment for repair, replacement and reinstallation of automobile equipment that is required for the safety of the disabled veterans. VA may pay the adaptive equipment multiple times as long as the disabled veterans alive and there is a necessary to continue the benefits. As stated on the policy of the especial grant on veterans must have one of the disabilities as a result of injury and disease suffered during the active military service. These disabilities are:

Loss or permanent loss of use, of at least one foot or at least one hand

Take note that that grant program is not limited to the span of time you are in the active service. Also, National Guard and reserve members who were actuated during their federal military service are considered to be veterans and can avail the benefit program while ensuring all the requirements. For more information about the application, veterans may visit the VA website and jump to VA’S Compensation

Working Cars for Working Families

Working for Working families, a private organization under the service of the National Law Consumer Center with networks from different institutions that ensures that all of the American working families have access in a safe and reliable vehicle that can be used and keep in a span of time. This car assistance program recognizes the fact that the car is part of the growing success of the families. The organization introduced a fair term for acquiring a car.

They also work in consumer protection against the mishandling of car finances and promote transparency in the vehicle market arena. Working Car for working families upholds assistance for struggling low-income families to avail vehicle and subsidy for car finances. The organization conducts deeply analysis and data collection on the challenges and benefits of owning a car for the working families. One of the highlights of the organization is the car ownership program that guarantees fair opportunities for low-wage workers and individuals who are in need to have a car and can meet all the requirements. Under this program, some used vehicles are distributed to those eligible low-income families for free. To receive assistance from car ownership program, you must contact the programs located in your area. You can also check their website at for more details.

Free Charity Cars

Originally the free charity program was also known as 1-800-charity cars. It is nationwide programs across the United States that delivers free vehicle ownership programs for all low-income families. The non-profit organization aims to assist families to avail car ownership that will ensure effective and self-sufficiency throughout their family journey. According to their data, from its inception in 1996, the charity offered over 4,500 vehicles across the country. If you meet all of their criteria; the organization may assist you to avail car grants. These beneficiaries must be: Families that moved from the public assistance to work, families who are situated in a public homeless shelters, Military families, Families or individuals who are victims of domestic abuse, victims of natural disasters, persons with permanent disabilities and mentally challenged individuals, individuals that needs medical attention, working peasants and other non-profit organization that promotes welfare.

In order to avail this program, you must visit the free charity website at and create your own profile. You may find additional information on how to avail car grants.

Cars 4 Christmas

This Non-profit organization was also known as C4C. It operates mainly in the Midwest areas including the Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, St. Louis and Springfield. The mission of the organization is to help individuals who difficulties in improving their lives due to lack of finances primarily on vehicles that could abbreviate their time in work and family errands. Usual beneficiaries of this car grant are individuals with low-income, families with sickly children, person with disabilities and medical conditions.

If you are interested in their programs, you are required to apply through their online application at and it is a prerequisite that you tell your story and how a car can contribute to improve your life or for the beneficiaries. They also provide vehicles for veterans who are in need through their partner organization Cars 4 Heroes that focused on providing car assistance to those military service men and veterans who served the country.

You can also visit the Department of Human Services in your locality to know more about these car grants in partnership with other local non-profit organizations that provides free vehicles for low-income families.


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