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7 Great Ways You Can Save Using Coupons

Updated: June 15, 2020  |  Posted by:  |  Related: Coupons and Discounts

Everyone can agree that in this era where you have to pay a lot of money to live a quality life and people are looking for simple ways to cut down the amount of money they spend daily or monthly on the basic necessities of life and that's where saving comes in.

Saving is a common everyday word and a lot of people know the meaning but saving through coupons is a completely different thing on its own and you may want to ask the question on how you can save with coupons, but slow down a bit and get to know what a coupon is.

Types of Coupons

When it comes to types of Coupons, you're safe to think that there are many types of coupons. How can different types of Coupons affect your choice of saving by using Coupons as the best option? Don't bother thinking about that because all the answers are here already.

Grocery Coupons

Yes! You read that right and this is the most overlooked type of Coupon because people don't use them as much as they used to in the past, don't ask why because the answer is simple and its because people believe they can afford groceries without the use of coupons.

Using a grocery coupon is a sure way to save a lot of money for yourself, so don't ever underrate the benefit of grocery Coupons because instead of collecting from you, they can add a couple of bucks to your pocket in a little while.

Free Shipping Coupons

A fan of shopping online? Then this is a Coupon you will definitely need. Free shipping coupons can be extremely helpful when you purchase something online, because this type of Coupon gives you the benefit of free shipping on any product bought.

Coupon Codes

A Coupon code is a master key to saving, especially when you like buying things online. Coupon codes are simple codes that can be redeemed by putting the code in the space provided by the web merchant when you want to pay for a specific product or set of products you may be asked for a Coupon code if you have any. This type of coupon simply gives you discount on products that are quite expensive.

Expiring Coupons

Most Coupons do not last forever, Coupons expire just like packaged products with an expiry date. Coupons are like opportunities because they come and go, so its good to use your coupon before the coupon expires because after it expires the benefits of the Coupon can not be enjoyed anymore.
Coupons are opportunities so seize them!


Unlike the other types of Coupons, this does not really scream 'coupon' but its OK because this is a special type of coupon. Rebates are simple refunds given to you after a product is purchased. Rebates are not automatically redeemed because you have to submit a form online or by hand in order to tell the manufacturer or retailer that you are to get a rebate.

Where to get Coupons

Coupons are very easy to get sometimes but sometimes getting a coupon can be a real pain in the neck, but its always good to know the right places to check for a Coupon so that you won't end up suffering yourself for nothing.
There are few places you can check for a Coupon such as;

Print Coupons

Don't be surprised because you can save a lot of money by printing Coupons from trusted online sources, this is not hard to do once you have a trusted source.


Newspapers give a lot of information and Newspapers are good places to find coupons that can help you save but its so sad that Newspapers are going extinct due to the invention of smart phones that can access the internet.


Always remember to check magazines carefully so you won't have to miss out on free coupons.

Coffee Shops

Ah! its refreshing to have a cup of coffee and its better when you ask the shop if you can take a look at the Sunday newspapers people leave behind to get Coupons.

Online Coupons

Most companies give a lot of free coupons online so its not a bad idea to check if you're in luck and request for Coupons.

Check Stores

Its a great idea to check stores for coupon books and take some coupons if you get to find any.

Free Coupon Survey!!!

There are a lot of disturbing pop ups all over the internet but some can be of benefit because some companies offer Coupons as a reward for giving a review or taking a survey.


Electronic/digital Coupons are simple to use so load them and start using them right now.

How much you can get from Coupons

Knowing how much you can get from Coupons is good but hold your breath for this because everything has a reward and using Coupons has its own reward.

You can get a lot ranging from cents to dollars from Coupons and you can save a reasonable amount from Coupons by getting discounts and rebates.

How to use coupons

Using Coupons is easy and how to use coupons is divided into two main groups namely;

How to use paper coupons

Paper coupons are mainly the kind of Coupons you see in Magazines or Newspapers, this type of Coupons can be redeemed by handing it to the cashier.

How to use other Coupons

Online coupons can be used online by putting the Coupon code where it is requested for on the web merchant's website while some eCoupons can be used by loading them directly to any card you use for shopping.

Limitations of using Coupons

There are few limitations in the use of Coupons and these are;

1. Maximum Coupon discount is too little.
2. Free shipping Coupons don't always cover the entire shipping fee.
3. Only one coupon can be used per purchase in some stores.
4. Some Coupons do not cover some items like furniture.
5. Coupons expire and become useless after expiration.

Great ways you can save with coupons

1. You tend to spend less with discounts.
2. Free shipping Coupons cover the shipping expenses that can cost few bucks.
3. Grocery Coupons help to get you more groceries for less or half of the real prices.
4. Rebates will help you pocket some money.
5. Coupons will help reduce your shopping budget.
6. When Coupons can be combined it helps you save more.
7. Coupons are mostly free and they help you reduce cost so that is a huge plus.

Super Coupon Tips

1. You can always check deals such as Black Friday deals to get super discounts.
2. Check for available coupons on websites like
3. Use your coupons before they expire.
4. Organize your coupons well
5. You can always ask friends to trade Coupons with you, just to get what will be perfect for yourself and your friends.

Now you know a lot more on how you can save using Coupons so start saving with the use of Coupons!


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